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what is obesity and the technical terms

Obesity is...

Obesity disease is the excess weight of the person according to his height. This condition is characterized by excessive fat storage in the body. The reason why obesity is a health problem is that it is quite common in the society (1 out of every 3 people) and brings other diseases with it. The reason for the focus on this disease is that the person can be saved from other health problems by the treatment of obesity.

The main health problems associated with obesity can be listed as type-2 diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, fatty liver disease and cirrhosis, increased incidence of cancer, bone and joint disorders, sleep apnea, decreased lung capacity, decreased quality of life and decreased fertility.

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Why we are getting fatter and fatter...

Recently, the most likely cause of obesity disease is today’s lifestyle. First of all, today people move in an insufficient amount. That means lower calorie burning.


Second is about calorie intake. With the industrialized society and the increasing number of people in the world, feeding people has become a problem. In order to feed people, the number of foods must be increased. As in many areas, increasing the number causes a decrease in quality. In addition, the necessity of food to be cheap arises. Today, foods that can be reached both quickly and cheaply around us are foods with low quality, high calories and poor protein.

As a result, people are fed with high calories, and with the addition of a sedentary lifestyle, they enter a weight gain blind cycle. In case this cycle is not broken, obesity knocks the door as expected.

According to  World Health Organization 1 out of every 3 people has over-weight or obesity problem in the world.

That means it is quite possible to fall into this situation. Obesity patients are typically able to lose large amounts of weight quickly if they focus in this issue. But if they lose control, they regain the same weight and often more. We call this the yo-yo effect.

Do not give up!!! The treatment has been found.

As such, people often need powerful and long-lasting treatment methods. As a result of efforts and evaluations on this subject, we have sufficient data. Today, the most powerful and long-term treatment method of obesity disease is surgery (such as gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgeries). In addition to this methods, gastric balloon and stomach botox applications are frequently applied if the patients does not match operation criteria.

Technical terms

Surgeons perform the surgery not directly with their hands, but through small holes that we call ports using special tools. The surgery is completed with special tools.

Gastric sleeve surgery is performed through holes – ports today. The Turkish meaning of the term port is door. With the help of holes made in the anterior abdominal wall, small-diameter instruments are delivered to the operation area.

Bougie is a medical material in the form of a partially elastic tube. The bougie is sent orally to the last part of the patient’s stomach during the gastric stapling phase. In this way, the surgeon uses the bougie as a guide and cuts the stomach properly.

The thickness of the bougie affects the diameter of the gastric sleeve. Patients who are operated with a thicker bougie are expected to have larger stomachs after surgery. However, there is no consensus on the relationship between the thickness of the bougie used and the amount of weight loss. In addition, the fact that the bougie is too thin increases the possibility of leakage.

Stapler is the name of the device used to shape the stomach into a tube. It consists of two parts called the gun and the cartridge. Medtronic (echelon) and Covidien brands are the most commonly used brands in surgeries. Due to increasing numbers of sleeve gastrectomy all over the world, many new brands of stapler have been introduced to the market recently.

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